A Clear Insight into Risk – Kenna Reports

Forget about making custom reports for your peers and executives. Let Kenna do the work for you. See your trending risk over a period of time, and always have the answer to the question “How has our exposure to risk been over a period of time?” Find out more about Kenna Reports.

An Easy Way to Keep Score – The Risk Meter

The Kenna Risk Meter is how it all comes together. Containing the results of both your vulnerability scan data as well as external threat intelligence, the Risk Meter lets you know exactly what risk you incur across all your groups of assets. Clearly see which assets are subject to active Internet breaches, exploits and zero-day threats.

Know What to Fix – The Kenna Dashboard

Here’s where you shave hours off your remediation time because we’ve already prioritized the most important remediations based on real-world threat intelligence. Kenna correlates attack, threat and exploit data aggregated by our threat processing engine against your vulnerabilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, if you want to achieve a certain risk score, Kenna will present exactly the vulnerabilities you need to remediate in order to get to your desired level.

Arrange Your World – Asset Grouping & Tagging

Our asset tags and groups help make your data more relevant by allowing you to customize reporting, access, remediation and dashboards. Our unique tagging system offers greater flexibility by allowing you to organize your assets right within your Kenna instance, enabling you to easily see the vulnerabilities for any part of your environment.

Stay Alert to Your Risk

Kenna Alerts give you proactive ability to stay on top of risk across your environment. Know when your risk reaches critical thresholds and take immediate action—receiving emails or in-app notifications whenever your most valued asset groups face new threats.

Get an Edge on Malware

Kenna identifies vulnerabilities that are being successfully exploited by malware in the wild. This allows you to fix these vulnerabilities before you become a victim. We also provide the hash of the malware so you can setup defenses against it and search for compromised hosts.

Fast Time to Value

It doesn’t take long to be up and running with Kenna. In fact, it only takes minutes. You connect your vulnerability scanner, set up a Risk Meter, and upload assets from your scanner—and Kenna does the rest. Generally speaking, within 1 hour our customers see amazing value in terms of their security posture.